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Speak Now... a whole new Love Story all over again (for me).

I just had to tell you bout Taylor Swift's new album 'Speak Now'... been listening to it the whole week and I have to say most of the songs are really good. The title track 'Speak Now' is my favourite song... its so cute and whenever it plays you can't help but sing along. I bet even the video is gonna be great, cause the lyrics tell a little story... bout this wedding that is goin to take place and Taylor is hiding behind the curtains preparing what to say when the preacher comes to the 'Speak now or forever hold your peace' part of the ceremony. Then there's 'Back to December' a song where she regrets breaking up with this nice guy, she realizes she loves him but its too late... I'd go back in time and change it but I can't. So if the chain is on your door, I understand... its a beautiful sad song. The only country sounding track is 'Mean' and I like Taylor's attitude here... she describes how she feels when people are mean to her but what stands out is the way she deals with them, she never stoops down to their level... she just tells them that one day she'll grow up and move away, do something with her life but these people who have nothing better to do than discuss her flaws will go on being mean. How cool is that, and true too...

'The Story of Us' is pretty neat too... deals with the awkwardness after a breakup, the guy is doing his best to avoid her in a crowded room and the girl is nervously pulling at her clothes and trying to look busy. She wonders how they got to this situation, and she sings The Story of Us looks a lot like a tragedy now, great song! Another nice song is 'Sparks Fly', a typical romantic song... I see sparks fly whenever you smile ; isn't that awfully cute. The single 'Mine' was released way before the CD and its already a hit (I think)... its a cute song too that tells the story of young love and how they vow never to commit the mistakes their parents did, like giving up on the other. 'Never grow up' is a heartwarming song bout wanting to stay little and safe in your mother's care, that was the time when no one ever left you or scarred you and you found everything funny. Then one day you grow up and things aren't the same anymore... you wish you had never grown up. She sings bout remembering your childhood room and memorizing what it sounded like when your dad gets home... really hits a nerve this song.  

Enchanted is a cute fairytale kinda love song... she is at a party or something, and she is faking smiles and forcing laughter, generally just tired and bored of the crowd when she sees his face and becomes enchanted. They start talking and its time to leave, she is blushing all the way home and hoping he isn't in love with someone else... yeah, makes you smile, its a cute song. 'Ours' is also slightly country-ish and its delightfully strong willed and cute, she sings her heart out to this guy she is in love with telling him not to worry bout what her people think... cause she really loves him the way he is. I love the gap between your teeth, And I love the riddles that you speak - see this is what I am talking about, Taylor sure knows how to write songs that will keep you hooked, how can you not fall for such a cute song. The album has many more nice songs... but these are the ones that caught my interest. So if you do need some new happy songs in your life (a change from all the eminem/ rihanna fire catching girlfriend beating song 'I love the way you lie' or Gaga's over the top bad romance - fyi I am not dissing any of these songs, just saying Taylor's songs are more happy and fairytale like) you know where to turn to and if you are anything like me.... you won't be disappointed. 


Febby Aurora said…
I love taylor swift :)) Imma swifties! ahhaa, nice post anyway.. goodluck.. i wish you visit my blog too :)

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