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Yearning for Zen...

Wrote this poem when I was in a pissed off frame of mind...

Yearning for Zen
One phone call and the words begin to crawl
Heartbeat quickens and the curtain starts to fall
Lost again in a wave of raging opinions and views
A different perspective, here comes the blues

The yin and yang in me is veering out of focus
Watching this ceaseless drama turn into a circus
All the fawning, preening and prancing round the glen
The situation, so skewed, is wrecking my Zen

The wistful notes of a song caressing the night sky still linger
Tugging at the surreal confines of my being and I wonder
About that first snowflake which heralds a change in season
And brings into focus a dazzling heavenly lesson

In Buddhism, Zen is a state of enlightenment... accomplishment of mind over body.
Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) is an ancient Chinese concept, they represent  the two complementary forces that balance everything in nature, and here it means a human soul.


Candice said…
hey really enjoyed reading the poem. it's really good.
I have just one question though, did you stop being angry by the time you began writing the 3rd stanza? :D
Candice said…
hey really enjoyed reading the poem. it's really good.
I have just one question though, did you stop being angry by the time you began writing the 3rd stanza? :D
in India zen is a car
Karen Xavier said…
Tina, came up with a rough copy of the first two stanzas when the emotions were going off the charts. Wrote the last stanza recently...

Saj, how poignant...
nitya said…
nicely written...I guess the balance between the head and heart, the tugging is unique only to some. Well huh..we've resigned to that fact. No matter whatever happens and however grave we decide to be, we heed to the tugging all the time. I guess that makes us great people to live with...since we take on all the ******isn't it? I just feel we are Gods best gift to everyone!
Jude said…
Now that you explained it to me, it reminds me of Milton.
Karen Xavier said…
Nitya, that last sentence cracked me up... We are God's best gift to everyone! I wish they would realise that :)

Jude, that is the height of exaggeration... thanks anyway.

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