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Dried Fruit Scones

Was in the mood to bake something yesterday and I didn't want anything sweet... so figured scones would be the best choice and they were.

All purpose Flour: 200gms
Baking Powder: 2 1/2 teaspoons
A pinch of salt
Sugar: 4 or 5 tablespoons
Cold Butter: 50 gms
Milk: about a cup
Dried fruits like currants, apricots or prunes.
Getting started, sieve the flour, with the baking powder, salt and sugar.

Now cut your cold butter into tiny cubes and drop them into the flour.
Gently using your fingertips break the butter into the flour... you'll get a coarse texture.
Now add your dried fruits and mix it in the flour. I had only prunes at the moment, so chopped them up and added to the flour.
With a long spoon slowly stir the flour as you add in the milk. Stir till everything is combined and you'll get a messy sticky dough.
Dump this sticky dough onto a floured surface and knead it using a little flour till it forms a smooth dough on the outside. Be careful to knead very lightly and just for 3 or 4 times, to maintain the texture. Apparently if you knead it too long, the scones tend to turn out denser.
It has been shaped into a smooth thick dough, now we just have to cut out little round pieces.
Using a cookie cutter ( I don't own a cookie cutter, I have used another small container I had at home) cut out circles and place them on a baking sheet. Knead the leftover dough into a smooth patch and cut out more circles. Keep using the leftover dough until everything is shaped and placed on the baking sheet.
Brush with a mixture of milk and egg yolk to give it that glossy come hither look. Then slide the tray into the oven to bake for 15 to 20 minutes. (I used only milk to brush these scones, ran out of eggs yesterday)
Here they are just out of the oven and smelling great. I love the smell of something baking... its uplifting and therapeutic, and these smelled really really good.

I had some strawberry preserve at home so dabbed a bit onto these scones and they were great. This is my first time making scones, and my first time eating them too... and they were really fabulous. I have no idea why I hadn't made them before...


Kasia said…
Well hi there! I love that you visited me! :) I adore your blog, so homey and sweet!
I share your passion for christmas, and wish it was about 11 months a year (we can use the remaining for Fall holidays, like Thanksgiving!) But I agree, family and the cozy nest we make our home and especially at such sweet holidays, who could ask for more?
I love cooking, and you've got some stupendous ideas that are totally droolworthy, I must try these and more! So Im staying and getting a good look around your fabulous bloggy land! :P

Hello Karen:
We love scones, sweet or savoury, although cannot make them ourselves. They are, of course, an essential component of an English Afternoon Tea but are not always as successful as yours look to be. Indeed, some scones we have tasted in the past are nearer to Rock Buns......or should we just say, Rock!!!
I love scones but I seldom make them. We do not bake often as after one slice or couple of scones they get left so it is a waste. We are not cake eaters!! These look delicious though. Diane
Suzi said…
These are lovely, I am not much of a baker but I am trying. Nice blog you have here I am adding to my blog roll. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return. I will be back here again soon. Have a pleasant weekend.
Hovkonditorn said…
Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love scones and it's really nice that you added dried fruit.
Thanks for visiting earlier :) YOur space is lovely and glad to follow you for more great ideas! Would also like to invite you to follow my humble little blog too if you have the time :)
Mmm, I love scones, especially with dried fruit with heaps of butter.
Karen Xavier said…
Thanks everybody for dropping by...
Hi, thanks for visiting my space and for your lovely comments. You have a lovely blog here with lotsa interesting read. These scones look beautiful too with the strawberry spread :)
Michael Rowland said…
I'm enjoying your blog, and I looked around the kitchen and found some dried apricots so soon I'll be enjoying your scones too, thanks,,,M
Hello Karen, your scones look delicious! Thankyou so much for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments, it is very much appreciated. I hope you have a wonderul week, Linda x
Sobha Shyam said…
these scones look so simple to make, will definitely try them out, thanx for the visit to my space and for your comments..!!
Biny Anoop said…
nice show offs just it in cooking or writing love it....scones are gr8 love to have it with a cuppa
julie said…
Love to have the scones.. Surely kids will love the most..
Thanx for visiting my blog n leaving ur sweet compliments!!
aipi said…
Delightful scones ~ perfect with some hot chocolate :)
cajunlicious said…
These look great, would make the perfect mid-morning snack!
kankana said…
I make biscuits the same way .. never made scones though and now I am tempted to bake it.
Hi Karen, I've given you an award. Please checkout at my blog. Congrats!
Lovely scones. I wanna have them for my breakfast.
Anju said…
I love love scones... try it with cream AND jam! You'll definitely wonder where they've been all your life. :D

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