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So after the evening mass on Sunday, we decided to go out for dinner and that's how we ended up at Eatalica. And boy, I'm so glad we did... the food was really really good, both in quantity and quality, and it was quite easy on the pocket too. But the most striking feature of this place is its menu card, it cracked me up. Every time we (me, my sister and Tonio) wanted to order something we would start laughing... all the items on the menu were modified names of Hollywood celebrities. Sample this...

This chicken steak burger is called Tommy Lee Bones.

This chicken sizzler is called Henzel Washington.

This beef sizzler is called Kurt Cowbain.

These deep fried prawns are called Pierce Prawnson.

The garlic bread we ordered was called Bred Astaire, the chocolate milk shake we had was called Calista Chochart. It was all so hilarious... here are a few other names on the menu: Smiley Cyrus, Trihanna, Beyonce Knowles (brownie with hot chocolate sauce), Jodie Froster ice cream, Chillary Swank, Lawrence Fishburne (Good old fish & chips), Juice Willis (a juicy beef steak), Clint Eatwood, Clarke Gobble (veg steak), Monica Chewinsky, Heath Wedger (potato wedges), Ethan Hawke (spicy chicken wings), Gill Bates (fish fingers), Stew Barrymore, Francis Ford Cupolla, Keanu Leaves (salad), Hamfree Bogart, Jennifer Showpez, Cheese Witherspoon, Puff Daddy, Tex Harrison, Kevin Bacon (bacon cheese burger), Tiger Would (a burger with all the works!!!), Must-in Timberlake, Ate Winslet...
Needless to say we will keep going back, the place is rather small... but the food is great. The decor is ordinary (pic above), the place is clean and the service is good. We ordered about eight items on the menu and the price came to about Rs. 1300. All in all, a pretty nice place to hang out and have some good fulfilling food.

On to some great news, I've been featured on a wonderful friend's blog... I haven't met Beth in person, we got to know each other through our blogs, then we connected on Facebook and she is a gorgeous person, inside and outside. Her faith makes her beautiful, she finds beauty in almost anything... and that's why her blogs are pure delight. She is incredibly talented, I love her paintings and the beautiful creatures she brings to life in them. Thank you Beth, for this honour... I am delighted!


Beth Niquette said…
Hahahaa...oh, my! THAT is pretty funny. (grin)
Jane Hamilton said…
Hey Karen, congrats on being featured on another blog!

This restaurant seems so interesting... I liked the Keanu Leaves name for the salad.... so funny! haha!

But the food is definitely no funny business! That stuff looks so yummy!
Anju said…
Yeah... their menu is quite funny! I haven't been there in ages but the food's good. Atleast you get beef!

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