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Paperback binding...

You all probably know bout my sister's wedding that took place earlier this month, that's what the past few posts have been about. And now she, my little sister... all grown up has crossed horizons and oceans to reach the land of Luke Bryan, Chris Young, Easton Corbin, Lee Brice and Jake Owen... okay, I just wanted to write their names. So anyway, she was the one I could yap away to, incessantly at times. She could read me pretty well, she knew when I was fake laughing, she could figure out when I say something and mean something else... she is like the paperback binding to my book. She is the cover, the adventurous sort, the colourful exterior that grips your attention and I am like the pages, full of content that nobody gets except a fortunate few (not very humble, am I...) who take the time to flip through the story. She pulls people in, makes friends easily... I hang back in my world, talking to characters and other people I am really comfortable with. I guess that's how one of my best buddies Jude felt too, he is sort of an introvert like me... and when he saw my interesting  binding, he took it. So bro, take good care of my binding, she'll make your life exciting and colourful.

Apart from being my binding, she has been my 
  • coast clearer (she informs me when there are people in the area, people to avoid)
  • TV guide 
  • window shopping companion
  • Columbus partner (we explore new places together)
  • ransack partner (the way we shop, we search high and low till we find the stuff that speaks to us)
  • snickering/giggling companion
  • Relative bearing sidekick
  • Sounding board (I ask her opinion on lots of stuff)
  • Makeup artiste (she is the stylish one, she knows which lip gloss to use and I always borrow her stuff)
  • My only audience (when I'm in rockstar mood and belting away like a broken record)
  • Reluctant helper (mostly in the kitchen, she hates it when I order her around)
  • Theater dragger (I'm not much of a theater goer, but she drags me to them often)
  • My constantly varying crush/love memoriser (she remembers everybody I've ever liked right from Tom Cruise to my last week's obsession, Adam Levine. Now it's Lee Brice...)
  • Sing along companion (this I like the best, singing along to the radio)
  • Hairstylist (she braids and does my hair in pretty styles)
  • Sitcom companion (these are good times, laughing over funny one liners)
  • And the list goes on...
Here she is with her trademark curls...
The four of us...
That's us... 

One of the hairstyles she tried recently on me...

And now I've become her ingredient identifier, she just rang up from the supermarket asking what flour she should buy to make chapathi... and life goes on, as entertaining as before. 


wildeyes said…
Aawww what a beautiful post!! You forgot to say shes immensely funny.....gets me cracking at the drop of a hat. I like the paperback binding to your book part. Im wondering if shishir will ever write something like this for me.
Candice said…
Hey this is a really great post! Loved the bit about her being the paperback binding to your book. And loved the way you listed everything she has been to you :)
ganeshputtu said…
hmm!!1 that's what siblings do...they move on..and we must learnt to let go too..anyhow you can always reminisce when you two get back together for vacations or something. cheer up
BackStage said…
She really is one paperback binding - missing her a lot, I can guess how it must be for you. Love the pics esp the first one and the third one (in the third one however, you seem to be the eye-catcher!).
Karen Xavier said…
Megh's, funny is part of the colourful and exciting binding...

Candice, yeah... sisters are cool to hang out with, you already know that.

Ganesh, yeah yeah... gotta wait for Christmas now.

Gibsy, I can imagine... no one to share all the gossip with huh. Why don't you start an anonymous blog and spill all the news... I used to bug Nam anyway, tell me what scandalous news did you receive from Gibsy today.
mahesh said…
Sisters are special :)

Mys sister is elder to me by 12 years and I was her confidant and best friend!

When Akka got married and left Calcutta I was just 12 I suddenly felt so sad and lost and took time to realize that I could no longer have anyone to speak to once I came back from school or visit pooja-pandals during Durga Puja.

She is married and settled in Nagpur now and the once in 2 years trips do take place.

Sisters either younger or elder are always special :)
Karen Xavier said…
Mahesh, did not know you had a sister... so cool, siblings are fun.
Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

Have a great week dear

LOVE Maria at

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