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The soft flicker of candle lights...

Everything does seem better in the glow of candle lights... 
I keep buying candles and candle holders and anything candle related.... it's an obsession, but a neat one to have, don't you think. 
Anyway, see those small white patterns on the table, those are called kolam patterns. Kolam is predominantly a south Indian tradition where rice powder is used to draw elaborate patterns in front of houses, as a sign of welcome and respect. I picked up a few kolam stencils near a temple, have stenciled them on my table here and placed a candle in each design... cute right.
Another candle holder I picked up recently... look at the patterns on the floor, how pretty. It's like happiness spilling over and creating beautiful paths... 


Candice said…
I like the candle holder. Very pretty
ganeshputtu said…
HA!! this post gives me so many naughty ideas on how to use candle light..thanks for the tip karen
AnnaKate said…
lovely candlelight inspiration and words! that last capture is pure poetry.

Susan Deborah said…
See, you've ended up giving ideas to our resident Dok. Now, he'll rave about candles and bras in his next post ;)

BTW, I am a great candle afficianado as well and like to acquire as many. The relationship with the candle has slightly improved after the 10 hour power cuts have resumed in my place. Now the candle has become a necessity rather than an object of romance and beauty!

Joy always,
nitya said…
U bet Kavita....I once never had Christmas Decorations and just had only candles around the house.That was beautiful! And if anyone is abroad ur spoilt for choice.

Its great when one is alone at home or when u fry fish...haa!

Candles also come cheap and are sale items mostly so yeh why not!
mahesh said…
Beautiful :)

Please let me know where you got these candles and the candle-holder in the last pic :)


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