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If I could have a beer with Jesus...

Yeah, you can trust country music to come up with lyrics that make you stop in your tracks... since the first time I heard this song I have been completely floored by the music and especially the lyrics. It's about this guy who wants to have a beer with Jesus, I know at the outset it may seem flippant and disrespectful, but this the way guys unwind... sit together and talk about stuff over a beer. And that's what the singer really wants to do, just spend some time with Jesus in the only way he knows how. And what's beautiful is the way the singer goes about treating Jesus, like a best friend... happy to see him and longing to hear from him. The singer sings that he'll pick a place that's not too crowded and order a couple of tall ones, and he'll tell the waitress to put it on his tab. Thomas (the singer) would play something nice on the jukebox and he'd sip on his beer slowly while taking in all that Jesus was saying. Isn't that what a real friend would do, listen to you and just enjoy hanging out with you. He goes on to sing that when he gets the chance, he'd slip in a few questions: 

How'd you turn the other cheek, to save a sorry soul like me? 
Do you hear the prayers I send? 
What happens when life ends and when do You think You're coming back again?

Now, even though the singer considers Jesus a friend... he knows that He is hanging out with God, and he sings out of a deep abiding sense of reverence and devotion. And as you keep listening to the song, it hits you... the pain the singer is going through. He's a young guy, and he's just as curious about heaven as the next person. And just before he ends the song, at the last chorus he asks Jesus about the afterlife again, 'What's on the other side... Is mom and daddy alright? And if ain't no trouble just tell them I said hi.' This line gets to me every time, the poor guy is really missing his parents and still he did not rant or rave and ask the 'why me' or 'what did I do to expect this' type of questions. He trusts infinitely in Jesus's plan for his life and he knows that no matter what happens Jesus has got his back. Isn't that beautiful, a faith like that even though it does not scream or proclaim or quote verses and other religious dogma is (I feel) more powerful, enduring, and inspiring than any platitude filled sermon. The singer may not understand why he is suffering, but he knows that he is gonna be fine, because he has a friend in Jesus... and his simple belief is what makes this a great song. Thomas Rhett Atkins, great job on a beautiful song... I'd definitely have a beer with you anytime, though I don't drink beer. 


BackStage said…
That is such a well-written review Karen. I have never heard the song but reading this is just making me plug my headphones on now.
ganeshputtu said…
a beer with thats something definitely on my to-do list....although i hope it might be before i kick the bucket...anyway, that ought to be an interesting conversation...i hope i can blog about it after the interview (from wherever i am) - do they have 'net connection in purgatory Karen?
Susan Deborah said…
Whatte thought!!! I would love to have breakfasts, lunch, coffee and dinner with Jesus. Now I have started imagining conversations that I would have with him. But, I do have conversations with him every single day without food, though.

Joy always,
mahesh said…
Thanks for sharing this Karen!

I had written a poem when my grandma died many many years ago. I had written a poem which conveyed something like - My dear Shiva why did you take my Ammamma away from me.

I just have to go back and hunt out my notebook wherein I had written this!
Karen Xavier said…
Hey Gibsy, so did you like the song...?

Ganesh, even purgatory won't keep you... they will have to spit you out so that you can dance with lungi clad gentlemen in paradise. And doctors who really care for their patients don't go to purgatory.

Susan, :) would be nice to have all meals with Him. We would never run out of food and wine too.

Mahesh, your poems have such depth in them... they are very evocative. Reading your beautiful poems, I have started writing a few myself. Would like to read the poem about your grandmother when you find it.

I just heard the song and I agree this is hows guys unwind which is truly a sad fact of life for many if not most. Alcohol is the way men find the courage to speak to other people. It is a drug though. I hope everyone can learn to spend time with one another, Jesus and God without the use of drugs.
Anonymous said…
I also love this song and think it is amazing. I just deleted someone from my facebook for saying something disrespectful about it. Said Thomas Rhett Atkins didn't understand who Jesus was. I think they are the ones that don't understand.
Quentin said…
Hi Karen,
I heard this song for the first time and landed on your thoughtful, articulate and endearing review. Thanks for your insights!
I think you found the heart of Atkin's song, I too admired his simple longing to just sit down and talk with Jesus man to man. Sometimes I forget in my elevation of Jesus the Savior in my mind that he was after all "just" a man.

As for beer, remember that wine is an integral part of the Holy Covenant. For some I think beer poses no threat and is just another element in a tapestry of social communion.
JSH said…
Not everyone has the same take on this song though I am with you on most of what you said.....but the simple fact that it evokes responses like yours makes it "worth its weight". Life is made of imperfect bits and pieces and puzzle parts...I love it when one fits.

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