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Angels and country songs...

Angel in  my dreams

Leaping from her heavenly realm
She jumped straight into my sleepless dream
My heart spun cartwheels at her angelic grin
Her prodding gaze reigned me in

The glow on her beautiful face, beckoning
Peace so pure, descending
Shrouded in a haze of warm sunshine
She filled the recesses of my mind

Tried to reach her, to make her real
She spun around and took off... surreal
Like a mermaid slicing through the midnight sky
Disappearing slowly as she broke my reverie 

A recent dream about an angel prompted this poem. No, I am not psychic like Patrick Jane, just insanely obsessed with Country songs. Which explains why I sometimes feel like I am in Jasper County, enjoying the Georgia rain (I think its one of the best music videos ever made). Or why I feel like making angels in the snow in Jackson Hole (one of Tim McGraw's cutest songs). Let's not get started on Heaven by Jake Owen. So anyway, was listening to Angels Among Us by Alabama, and when one of them popped into my dreams I wrote this poem.

I first heard 'Angels Among Us' way long back (it was during the cassette phase), blaring from a car and when I asked the guy who was sitting inside if it was Alabama, he said he had no idea. I said  it's a beautiful song, and it really was... I still remember that moment, walking in my colony and suddenly hearing this beautiful song about angels. I made a mental note to ask my brother Manoj bout it, he is also a country music aficionado. So anyway, I continued walking when the guy called me back, removed the cassette from his player and handed it over to me. I really wanted to take it, but I declined politely... he then started insisting and I finally took it. It was like proof, that angels do exist among us... he was the angel who gave me a beautiful Alabama cassette. 

This is Alabama, one of the best country bands ever... 
Sigh, and this is Jake Owen... one of the cutest country singers today.


Country music, Country music singers and all that jazz can never fail to keep me going. Alas! why are people not realising this, today!!!

Joy always,

P. S: That Own has such a killer smile ;) Sigh.
mahesh said…
You have been tagged Karen :)
mahesh said…
The poem was lovely I had to read the post again to realize that you had penned the poem and it was not a song by a music band :)

I have a feeling this dream means something very nice is going to happen soon!

Lovely poem :)
My thoughts echo Mahesh's. Even I had to reread the post to know that you had written the poem. And I have been seeing very weird dreams these days :)

Thanks for making me come back to this one.

Joy always,
Karen Xavier said…
Susan, you were right bout his killer smile... he doesn't have much of a dressing sense, atleast he makes up with his smile.
Karen Xavier said…
Mahesh, I hope so too... the something nice part.

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