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A memorial poem for the Sandy Hook Elementary School Children...

Innocent Eyes...

In the classroom scribbling on the desk
Smiling at the teacher reading some text
Dreaming of cookies and presents under the tree
Beautiful voices singing carols off key
Magic of the season exudes from them
Beautiful smiles and kisses like toffee

Innocent eyes see a stranger that enters
A few loud noises and their world disappears
Innocent eyes behold a bearded man on bended knee
His arms are open, He smiles beckoningly
They recognise Him, the beginning of time
He sweeps them up, kissing them tenderly

Sentinel beings and scampering pets, rejoices
At this cherubic gathering of pigtails and crayon smudges
Even here preparations are in full swing
To celebrate the birth of a King
Innocent eyes agog at the sights and the sounds
They join the shepherds in their song

Nestled in His lap, memories still linger
Of loved ones, forced to surrender
Looking at Him, they know all will be well
When everyone meets in His kingdom, to dwell
He sings them a song, they nod off to sleep
He sheds a tear for the ones who lie awake and weep.
When I read bout this incident online, I couldn't make sense of it all... how deranged should a person be to gun down innocent children. It was pure evil. Then the recent gang rape of a 23 year old girl in a moving bus in Delhi, made my insides hurt. Reading bout her ordeal and torture, I broke down... what they did to her was evil in its potent form, evil from the deepest darkest pit in hell. I don't know why such things have to occur, I don't know why He lets them occur... I don't know what to think... it's just overwhelmingly sad, nobody deserves to suffer like this. 


Icychips said…
beautifully written!! sad sad thing - innocence robbed - families sufferin for ever!! oh its really really heart breakin!! & I want them to find a motive just so that the parents can get closure on the Y them - y these innocent helpless, harmless children!!

Daemon Zak said…
:( - nice!!! I believe no amount of evil can make you kill children! Clearly the guy had deep mental issues!

As far as the Delhi Incident - I think they should fastrack the case and hang the culprits do death!
nitya said…
Beautiful poem Kavita.....Just about getting over from the shooting of those innocent children, the rape in Delhi was not what I was waiting for. I too....just broke down not for the incident but...something that women face almost everyday is so casual and nothing much can be done about it. The law must either condemn it followed by a severe punishment like- castrating the whole lot of them. There has to be a system put in place where justice is immediate and not delayed. I'm sure the death sentence or even life term will in reality take ages to come through.

If you actually look at both the incidents,not God but the law has a lot to do with it....unfortunately its the innocent who suffer. Yes, on a deeper level we can talk about values, breakdown of family... blah ....but we need to be realistic. You see when the court says that teachers cannot punish or say anything to kids- u can imagine the generation ahead. As teachers, educators, specialists, hands are tied. We really need the Lord and His grace more than ever.
mahesh said…
If I were a publisher I would publish this poem in a book of poems. This is a beautiful poem!

May the Lord give strength to the parents who lost their little children!

There is also a point we forget think of the killer's brother who is facing the trauma of losing his mother and his brother and the guilt that will haunt him forever.
BackStage said…
Beautifully written Karen. Trust me, I seriously did break down when I heard the news on those kids - I mean watching my own son and having dreams, loving him so much and one fine day for a mother or father to know everything just wen off in a minute is like madness I tell you.

And that poor woman in Delhi, this world is sometimes such a sucky place to live!
Randy said…
Susan Deborah said…

I like the way the muse has started dwelling in you and making you try verse instead of prose.

Beautiful poem that brings out the poignancy of the situation. Joining you in praying for the comfort of the families who are shocked by the loss.

Joy always,

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