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Amour? A Review...

So I saw Amour recently (a French movie that has been nominated for the upcoming Oscars in many categories) and I was thoroughly disappointed and a tad bit depressed by the movie. I can't understand  how this movie is winning praise, acclaim and awards when it clearly takes all your patience and resolve to sit through it. Reading bout the story, I thought it would be a nice heartwarming movie about an old couple battling the rigours of old age. Instead the movie is too slow, and there are instances when the camera hardly moves from a scene even after there is nothing left to see there. If you want to avoid spoilers, read no further.

An old man, takes care of his wife who suffers a stroke and it's not an easy job caring for an invalid. But with the help of a nursing aide, the old man gets along fine... the daughter visits from time to time, but the old couple do not like to depend on her. I found this whole situation weird, the parents and the daughter treat each other like acquaintances ... not like family. She visits, the dad makes her tea, she enquires about mom, cries a bit and then goes home. That was the first depressing part - you don't just drop by, talk about what is going on and then leave. Then the next agonizing part is when the woman cries out that she is pain, and the old man goes to her side, takes her hand and tells her a story. So there she is, an invalid in bed with her husband watching over her, when he suddenly leans over takes the pillow and smothers her with it. All the mundane activity that precedes this, bores you senseless and to suddenly come across this atrocious act, I was like 'what the heck!' 

So she dies and he dresses her up in a pretty black dress and places flowers round her body. The old man, after decorating her corpse wanders out of the apartment and that was baffling, I don't know what happens to him or where he goes, but that's the last the viewers see of him. A few days later, firemen break into the apartment and take down the door to find the wife's body adorned with flowers. Now you tell me, is this a depressing movie or what... this director should stop making movies. 


Anonymous said…
I hear that this actress might be a dark horse winner for Best Actress at the Oscars.
Daiga said…
I just watched the beginning of the movie, when I had the same thoughts about how depressing this movie actually is. So I stopped watching it, and now, after reading your description, I am thankful, that I didn't waste my time.
BackStage said…
LOL - your review made me laugh... There are so many movies that are Oscar nominated and I have no idea why.
Many a times, its these depressing movies that win awards! :P
Thanks for stopping over my blog Karen!
Quentin said…
Hi Karen

I read about this movie, and never even thought about going to see it. I view it as another coordinated attack on spiritualism. Euthanasia is one of the next frontiers of so-called progressive liberals. I think most people don't think it is right but don't really know where to draw a line. Movies like this move the line for them.

The bottom line, killing someone is wrong, because of the divine presence I was taught and believe is in each one of us. That this movie is up for an Oscar is a sign of the depravity of the secular culture. Compare with Atkin's "controversial" song "If I Could Have a Beer with Jesus".
Karen Xavier said…
yummychunklet, I read about that too... not too bothered bout the oscars, they seem too full of themselves.

Daiga, I was fooled into watching it... by the trailer.

Gibs, yeah... the oscars don't seem all that great now.

Bhushavali, yes... the oscars do seem to like depressing and sick movies like that Black Swan.

Quentin, you echo my sentiments... there is a divine presence in all of us, and we can look at it anyway we want... that he really loved her and wanted to release her from her pain. But bottom line is, who are we to judge whether she should continue living or not...
wildeyes said…
bottom line is, if you want to win an oscar, make a really depressing and irritating 'artsy' film.

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