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(Ghai Matha) Mother Cow: A Poem

So there is a contest going on at The Chennai Bloggers Club, to write a post based on the picture depicted below. I tried my hand at penning down a poem... let me know what you think?

Ghai Matha 

Sleepy eyes still holding on to that dream
Where life is fair and all people are equal
Where kids can be kids, and no one is cruel
Sleep tight, precious gems in Gods realm.

I trod on gently, unmindful of the imperious horns
So as not to jolt them from their slumber
One little kid is up, clad in his resilient armour
Stance shows he's ready to battle, the incoming morn.

Another silent sentinel is happy to be on this ride
A funny little mutt, who spreads happiness with every stride
As for me, I just watch out for my rambunctious cargo
Cause they make my journey worthwhile.

CBC is an eclectic group of bloggers from Chennai who meet up often and stay connected through a CBC Facebook group. Lots of bloggers with different talents and background, gel well together under this ever growing group. This contest is sponsored by Cuponation, an entity that works relentlessly to provide its users the latest and most lucrative deals offering huge discounts from leading brands and retailers. So the next time you plan to buy something, do check out their website. 


Susan Deborah said…
Hey, glad to see the muse in action here. I wish you all the best for the contest.

Joy always,
gayathree said…
Amazing poem :)
Ganesh Puttu said…
a unique perspective Karen....loved this....but why is the matha so "gaay"?
Karen Xavier said…
Susan, this contest was fun...

Gayathree, glad you think so...

Ganesh, what is wrong with being 'gaay'... very happy cow.
wildeyes said…
hahaha kavi i like the comment u posted in brackets about gay cows!

but honestly, not to be offensive or anything, cows freak me out. you dont know what they are thinking no? if you are on the road and the cow is looking at you with her huge eyes, you dont know whether shes going left or right.
Daemon Zak said…
This bought tears of joy ! I have a new found love for beef now !
Susan Deborah said…
The spelling change is noted. Good.

Joy always,
yummychunklet said…
Wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing!
Jessica said…


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