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The Harvey Specter Effect...

So I started watching 'Suits' and since then it has been like falling down a ravine to limitless depths. Yeah, that's how it was with Bobby Donnell and now its Harvey Specter, luckily Meredith ruined the whole Dr. Derek Shepherd experience for me (I couldn't figure out what he saw in her) and I didn't have it this bad for him. Anyway, Suits is a pretty cool show, its a legal drama series based in a high end firm where power struggles between partners also come into play. 
Harvey Specter is the incredibly handsome, atrociously witty and roguishly charming attorney who is the quintessential male. He hires Mike Ross as his associate who has a photographic memory and can remember anything he has read once, but the only problem is Mike didn't go to Harvard and he doesn't have a license to practice law. While running away from the cops during a drug deal, Mike gets into the hotel where the law interviews are being held and Harvey, fascinated by this boy wonder, hires him on the spot. That's where the fun starts... these two form quite a pair and the banter that ensues is sometimes way too hilarious. Anyway, here's a little poem I came up with while waiting at the hospital...

As I sit here yet again
Counting the minutes and the pain
Month after month passes in vain
And I slowly go insane

Like a spark of fire he came
And slowly blew my mind with his game
Razor sharp wit and perfectly gelled mane
Harvey Specter is this senior partner's name.

And this has been my habit, since I can remember
Falling for characters, a love that will last forever
From Prince Eric to Arutha to Rhett Butler,
Bobby Donnell to Sherlock & now Harvey Specter.
Here he is, Harvey Specter... he reminds me of  Marlon Brando and Paul Newman. Gabriel Macht is mindblowingly awesome as Harvey, and Patrick J Adams fits right in as the street-smart rookie under his wing.


Candice said…
Haha nice poem kavitha! You should hv said something about the curve of his lips as well. I love it :D
yummychunklet said…
Great poem. And, he's pretty handsome, too!
Ganesh Puttu said…
hmmm!!! is the word "suits" a metaphor for something else? in your dictionary i mean...scratching my head (raw) and wondering....
Karen Xavier said…
Candice, I love it too... I love everything bout him!

Yummychunklet, thanks :)

Ganesh, its the name of the show... try watching it sometime.
Ashwini C N said…
Loved your description of Harvey Specter. They do seem to form a good team. And lovely words, poem. Amazing how you can write a poem about just anything :)

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