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Game of Thrones (An Assault to the Senses)....

The past few weeks have been traumatizing and Games of Thrones is partly to blame for that. I started reading the book and watching the show recently, and I can't say which I hate more. Let's start with the book, the author, George R. R. Martin, seems to have written the book in some drunken stupor and all his sick, lurid not to mention porn-ish fantasies have been given free rein here. There are too many plot lines, and too many deaths... each time you really start to like a character and BHAM! he is killed immediately. What is that, you kill off all the main characters and let the dregs of society dictate the rest of the book. When Ned Stark dies I was like what the... heck, he was the only person with integrity and values and you kill him off and let his family flounder. And I was so hoping Ned Start would tell Jon Snow, who his mother was... was hoping for another beautiful love story there. I don't know if that ever materializes, I read only the first book 'Game of Thrones' in this series. The book has more plots than a cemetery, was difficult to keep up with the author's nonsense. The Khal Drogo bit was intriguing, so was the part about the dragons. But inevitably the Khal Drogo goes to the night lands and Rob Stark dies too... why is that, why can't Cersei or her son die? And this author has something against brothers and sisters, he makes them incestuous. Ughhhh, I shuddered when I read that... to keep the bloodline pure, they breed within themselves. 

Okay coming to the HBO series, it's more graphic and sick than you imagined while reading the book. First, I hate that they brutally beheaded a horse, I almost flinched... got online at once to see if any animals were harmed during the making of this series. Next, I hated that scene where a grown up spoilt brat suckles on his mother's breast, it was the creepiest scene ever. I had to scrub my eyes with soap after that. The killing is rather macabre and sickening, and the make out scenes are quite graphic and disgusting. Everybody is either busy killing or doing it. I can't understand why such a terrible book was selected to be made into a series, and I can't understand how this demeaning and highly unwatcahble series seems to be winning awards and making a name for itself. I say unwatchable because after the beheading of the horse in episode five, I couldn't watch the show... dragged through it to watch the bearable parts of the Khaleesi, Jon Snow and Brandon Stark. The only actor worth watching is Jon Snow, he's cute with his curly black mane and his affection towards his Stark brothers and sisters. But otherwise the whole thing is just a mess, not worth watching or reading.
This is Jon Snow (Moon of my life... hahhhaha)
Okay, fans of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and the television series 'Game of Thrones', don't be sending me hate mails... I'll have no time to read them, cause I'll be busy watching Downton Abbey. No, I'm kidding... I don't like Downton Abbey either, it's a never ending saga, kinda like a Danielle Steel book. 


Candice said…
So i guess i shouldnt be gettig u box set of the books that are out then. :P
wildeyes said…
hahaha kavidey i know what you mean. the best parts about the books were ned stark, khal drogo, rob stark and he killed all of them. Ridiculous! tyrion and arya stark are the only saving grace.
but tina has read the books twice :P
Ramona said…
Must we judge things based on our preconceptions of good and bad? If we must judge at all, let's atleast do it from a larger perspective - with an awareness of things as they were - over the centuries, and in different parts of the world. We only have to look back a few hundred years and across cultures to see that that world was and can be, very different from what we are used to. In the series we quickly realise - people are not what they seem - isnt this true of people in real life? Almost noone is wholly good or wholly evil but the run of the mill drama will have us believe that. Personally, I don't judge, simply because it is difficult not to be conditioned by the what we consider 'moral' today. The has been much violence, people were murdered for being gay, women were subjugated beyond imagination, inbreeding to various degrees was socially acceptable in many cultures. The royal families of Europe have been marrying their cousins for generations, what for - to keep bloodlines pure, of course, except they ended up with haemophilia LOL and closer home, we know it isnt uncommon for people in south India to marry their uncles, or nieces!!!! Thats one degree worse than marrying your cousins and only slightly less objectionable than brother and sister. Maybe genetics, and the biology of inheritance (of DNA) have done more to dispel these myths than centuries of taboo (or acceptance) have done.

My point is, it is not trash, it It's amazingly well made and the casting and screenplay are exceptional.
We don't like it because it makes it makes us uncomfortable and questions our assumptions, but isnt that one of things art is meant to do?
Ramona Britto said…
haemophilia, and the likes of Prince Charles :-)

Also, if youve ever bought chicken from a butcher youve taken part in the beheading and the final dance of death, I imagine. The bigger the animal, the greater the crime? Not sure about that.
Karen Xavier said…
Tina, you can give me other books... I will gladly accept. After all, many of the good books I've read have been at your home. I used to like that, there were books everywhere.

Yeah Meghs, everybody good dies, the most despicable continue to live. Tyrion is funny, Arya is brave. I like the other kid too, The king's bastard son who is a blacksmith.

Ramona, hehe... my rant made you rant huh. Well, it's good...
I know the series is set in medieval ages, I know the way they lived... but still sleeping with your brother is cringeworthy now. And the series is definitely well made, but the killing scenes have a Quentin Tarantino feel to it with all the blood spurting and gushing forth. I know there are fans, who like to watch living things being decapitated, but it was too much for me. And I didn't mind when Lady the direwolf was killed, cause they didn't depict it in a macabre way. But the horse beheading was sad... and the Dothraki eat horse all the time, I wasn't saying its okay to eat a chicken and not a horse. And beheading a horse for the sake of making a great movie is definitely bad, I'm sure they used graphics to get it just right. And even I used to wonder about that, the smaller the animal (take insects) we (at least I) don't feel remorse when I crush roaches or swat mosquitoes, but with bigger animals it's different. I don't know, maybe size does matter... or maybe it's the quantity, insects seem to be everywhere.
And finally, the real purpose for watching/reading is to entertain oneself, and I would like to be happy or inspired or thoughtful at the end of it. Somehow, I don't think feeling depressed or disturbed is entertaining, but that's just me.
Ashwini C N said…
I prefer staying away from books that kills everyone. If you have to kill them why create that character in the first place. And I'm really lucky to not to have come across this book. I'm sure I would have spent sleepless nights :-)
mahesh said…
I have not read the books or seen the series but this is extremely popular in the US and Europe!
Daemon Zak said…
harishkumar84 said…
For me the book is about a number of things based on the middle ages and the history that surrounds it from "war of roses" to "slave trading in the mediterranean" to "Barbarian hoardes of Genghis Khan."

The power of lords and kings were not won on battle for the most part, it was won by playing the "game of thrones"(if you look closely at the story line you will understand that all the characters who die are ones who either don't play the game or dont know how to play it or overplay their hand, just like life when you vie for power you better be ready to put your life on the line because people will kill you for that power).

GRRM has so many characters, plot lines and cultures to show reality and depth in each character who are each uniquely different just like reality.

I don't expect you to like it, just the same way you can't expect me to like what you like. :)

Also I am curious about your double standard when it comes to Khal Drago, the guy burns villages, plunders and rapes entire villages but you like him!, Why? Also Cersei does everything in her power to protect her son?(she is an idiot in doing it though, no argument there)

Am I an addict? yes, my lady, not to just games of thrones but to any good work and to me "Game of thrones" is good work.

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