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WhatsApping... with the cousins.

So we (me, siblings and the cousins from different parts of the globe) have taken to watching/witnessing most world events together while having crazy discussions on whatsapp. That was how we watched the Oscars and last night the discussions turned even crazier as we waited for the pope to be revealed. When my sister alerted the group with a message saying 'White smoke!', a cousin replied 'are you sure it's not coming from your pressure cooker?' After that it was non stop banter for more than a hour; when we started to get tired of waiting, another cousin quipped 'maybe he already resigned.' And somebody else was like 'Taylor Swift is probably penning down another song about how disappointed she is, because she has to wait so long.' So anyway, the Holy Father finally arrived and all the wait was worth it... he seems like a humble and gentle soul. I like his name, Jorge Bergoglio. So here's wishing and hoping that you do a great job, Pope Francis, and that you bring people closer to God instead of alienating them. Give the homosexuals a chance, nobody chooses to become one and advocate the use of contraceptives and castrate the paedophilic clergy who prey on innocent children.

A snippet of conversation from yesterday's discussion...
M: Man, I hope neither of the Indians get voted as popes
S:   Yeah. It will be too much. The govt. won't know what it actually means,
give them Arjuna award.
M:  hahaha. They will also give them some money to show their gratitude for
      winning an election. 

Coming back to our Oscar discussions, a cousin was of the opinion that Adele's singing could give anyone orgasms, and we were pissed off when no one stood up to applaud her. Which led another cousin to say, 'maybe they were all orgasm-ing.' When Anne Hathaway (who we find extremely annoying) won, another cousin quipped 'poor Hugh Jackman had to hug her.' When Kristen Stewart appeared limping on stage, somebody said, 'she must have tried some new position with her current director.' I thought the best part about the oscars was Seth MacFarlane, I haven't heard of the guy before but he was pretty funny. I hated his movie Ted, it was really disgusting, filled with crass humour. I was of the opinion that only Neil Patrick Harris could do a great hosting job, you've got to watch the Tony Awards to know what I mean. I think it's the only award show worth watching, the Broadway performances are entertaining and Neil Patrick outdoes himself every time he hosts it. Seth did a pretty good job himself, he kept the laughs coming and though many did not seem to understand or get his jokes, I think they were pretty honest and harmless.


Susan Deborah said…
You cousins do have a good time WhatsApping and sharing laughter riots over orgasms and sleazy talk.

Happy conversations to you.

Joy always,
wildeyes said…
Lol I couldn't help laughing out aloud thinking of those conversations and those red curtains. We should do it everytime
Candice said…
Hahaha i agree with megs! We should do this everytime
Daemon Zak said…
dont tarnish the social image of your wonderful little cousins freak!
yummychunklet said…
Funny post!
Karen Xavier said…
Susan, gotta hand it to whatsapp, it's a brilliant app to stay connected, despite being continents away.

Megh's and Tina :) Adam's Family is going nowhere. Zak, you have tarnished our innocence with your jokes...

Yummy Chunklet, thank you...

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