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Sunday’s reading in church was about the Good Shepherd and how He always protects His flock. How no power on earth can snatch us away from the flock and how safe we, the sheep, are in His fold. And all the while I was holding back tears thinking of the five year old girl, who was brutally raped and violated, a few days back in the country’s capital. Similar stories keep surfacing and the evil perpetrators don’t seem to fear anything, in fact gruesome child rapes seem to be on the rise and it is mind-numbingly baffling. How can one torture and traumatise a child in an unnatural and inhuman way, how depraved does one have to be to force his perverted carnal desires on a little child’s body. Isn't she the littlest of lambs, the smallest in His fold… a tiny playful little lamb. Who snatched her away, where was the Shepherd? How does one go about life, knowing such things are not a rare occurrence? What can be done to weed out the scum in society and make the world more humane? How do you deal with a lethargic government that drags and falters every step of the way when it comes to protection of the weaker sex or race? Why can’t castrations happen immediately when a suspect confesses to his rape crimes, this will make the sick perverts think twice before forcing themselves onto innocent vulnerable beings?  Why can’t the science of evolution and adaptability take over, make us stronger or give us wolverine like claws? Wolverine claws that spring open only under immense danger, with one swipe of those blades, the problem won’t exist. How long are we going to read reports like this in the news, shudder at the horror of it all, say a prayer and hope that good will triumph in the end?


Krishna said…
Very Valid questions. The answers are all around us, For instance about the science of evolution (and perhaps for all the questions) see what this oxford Univ Professor has to say.

"The Genius Of Charles Darwin - Part 1 - Life, Darwin & Everything"

Especially from 19:00 to 21:00 and 24:00 to 40:00.
Karen Xavier said…
Interesting, but rather a grim outlook on life... true that evolution occurs and the fittest species moves forward. But man has a soul and what is happening now (what I wrote on this post) is no way for man to evolve, he is regressing.
Krishna said…
I can argue about what do you call as a "Soul" (that makes human different from other species?). Evolution / science does not consider the "Soul".However that's not the primary concern to address.

With regards to your concern about Human does not evolve but Regressing,

What really makes human different from other species is that we think, innovate, define and redefine moral principles ethics etc. If you compare the morality and ethics what we had centuries before and now, we have certainly improved as a whole. But still there are odds out there it does hurt me too.

With regards to the incidents such as this, it purely the environment, the moral principles and the social value that the individual had and the society etc all need to be blamed.

The WHO has defined 10 essential life skills for the "Social animal" human to be learned. I believe, if we, the younger generations, and the generations to come are given with an opportunity to learn and make that as our way of life will definitely minimize these kind of issues and make the world to be a better place.

I am also happy to say that this is now part of the Indian(!) CBSE curriculum under CCE.

Please find the link below:

Now, it all depends on how seriously this is taken and effectively taught.
Krishna said…
Also see,

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