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Some alone time...

So the parents had gone on a Holy Land Trip to Jordan, Israel where they visited Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Cairo. They were pretty excited and I was excited cause I would get to be home alone, which let me tell you is a rare occurrence. I always seem to be surrounded by people... not that I am complaining. Growing up in a small town, people would drop by often and there would always be extra food on the table. After getting married and coming to the city, things haven't changed much... I am still surrounded by family and relatives. So the prospect of an empty house does seem beckoning, it's like a day off from school, no schedules or elders to adhere to. I connect the speakers to the country music channel, I cook only when I am hungry, no elders to chastise with horrors of ulcers or importance of eating on time. I hardly cooked this time though because of the oppressive heat, all I could manage to do was whip up some buttermilk and keep sipping at it throughout the day. It was bliss... I would catch a few episodes of The Practice in between reading and singing along with whoever was playing on the radio.

Then after a few days of awesome company with myself, my sister and brother arrived and that was a different kind of bliss. Siblings are always great, everything just seems funnier when they are around.


Haddock said…
Yes its good to be alone at times.
Ah the bliss of doing things as and when you want to do (or not do)
Good to know that people still listen to the radio.
yummychunklet said…
Alone time is great for refocusing on you!
Bhushavali N said…
So true! At times you really need to be alone! Unlike Loneliness, Solitude is bliss.... :)

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