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Hallmark Movies...

To take a break from all the mainstream commercial movies that pass off as entertainment today, I decided to watch a few Hallmark movies. These movies are like a grown up version of Disney, overloaded with cuteness and romance, and completely decent throughout. A few are even inspirational in nature, they speak about faith and redemption. Click on the movie titles to watch the trailer.

Remember Sunday: I loved this movie, mainly because it had Zachary Levi in it, I was already a goner for his Flynn Rider character in Tangled. Here, in person, he is even more endearing... he is just so ordinary in a cute way and I was falling for him throughout the movie. Okay, I'll calm down now... the girl is pretty cute too, she is the kid from that TV show Gilmore Girls, now she has grown into quite a stunning woman. So the story is, Zachary a brilliant young astrophysicist (who else is reminded of Rajesh Koothrappali) suffered a brain aneurysm and has short term memory loss. Everyday is practically brand new for him, he doesn't remember anything or anybody from yesterday. His old memory before the aneurysm is intact, so he remembers his sister and a friend who form his support group and help him get along with life. When he meets the girl, a struggling waitress, he has to make notes and record his memories each day. How they get along inspite of his handicap forms the rest of the story. The two lead actors manage to make this a charming and enjoyable movie, despite being so predictable. 

The Lost Valentine: This movie was poignant, it portrays a love so strong and pure it withstood the test of time. Betty White easily outshines the other characters, and the only sore point about this movie is Jennifer Love Hewitt, somehow she seems miscast as a TV reporter here. Here a young couple get separated when the husband, a pilot goes off to war and a telegram informs the wife that he is missing in action. The wife goes to the station to wait for him every year on the day he was supposed to return, and she does this unfailingly, for 60 years, waiting and waiting for her one true love to return. A TV channel gets wind of this heartwarming tradition and decides to do a show about it. What follows is the quest for the missing pilot and along the way the reporter herself learns a few lessons on love. This is a Christian movie with inspiring messages from the bible, and if it weren't for that Hewitt female, I would have liked it more. The flashbacks about the young handsome pilot were quite nice... 

Loving Leah: This one I wanted to see cause the premise sounded nice, it's about this old Jewish law, where a man has to take his sister in law as his wife after his brother dies. And here the brother in question happens to be a very handsome cardiologist, and when he attends his estranged brother's funeral, the rabbis tell him that he has to marry the widow. The guy looks at them incredulously and asks, 'You're kidding, right.' The cardiologist and the widow decide to marry and live as room mates and then get divorced after a year or so... but along the way they fall in love as expected. The movie is pretty good, you get to know about many Jewish customs, like how married women wear wigs to cover up their real hair.


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