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Six word memoir...

I strive to be cool and nonchalant and a nonconformist and all that... but one thing seems wired deep inside me, the ability to let my emotions go all over the place. It's so easy for me to get from one end of the spectrum to the other, from fits of uncontrollable laughter to overwhelming sadness. Even while reading, I get so drawn into characters that they drain me emotionally. After reading Stephen King's 'Apt Pupil', I went into depression for a week, had to get out of it by reading a steady stream of Mills and Boons. Anyway, since my life tends to follow a sine curve, if I had to sum up my memoir in six words, I think these would be it...

'Floundering on the fringes of sanity...'

And the picture puts it into perspective..

This six word memoir is part of a CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) tag to encourage and enliven the spirit of blogging. This tag was passed on to me by Anand Arun and I am sending it along to Harikrishna.


Arent we all? Just that you are brave enough to say it : )
Ganesh Puttu said…
Stop floundering and just cross over...its much more fun this side
Karen Xavier said…
Ha, Clement come to think bout it... we all are.

Ganesh, :o) spoken true to your nature. will keep this in mind.
yummychunklet said…
Great post!
Susan Deborah said…
Will the floundering ever end?

Sanity and insanity is just a thin line. And crossing over is nothing new for the likes of us.

Joy always,

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