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Fr. Stan Fortuna...

Attended a retreat at St. Theresa's church recently, and Fr. Stan Fortuna, a Franciscan Friar from New York, was in charge of leading the prayer service. He is entertaining and quite talented too, he played a variety of instruments, and mixed the different sounds up using a kind of mixer and he rapped and sang and he was literally all over the place. It was different, a nice experience... he seemed fascinated with the traffic here. He was like 'I pretty much live on the edge, being from the Bronx (a dangerous neighbourhood in NY) and all, but you people here... you take living on the edge to a whole new level with your driving. Is it because you believe in reincarnation, is that why you all drive recklessly?' He was like India has the Beep addiction, you cannot stop beeping... and then he went on to make a song about it, the 'beep beep' song.

Well Father, it was a nice evening, I liked being there... wishing you a safe flight back to New York.


Laura said…
that sounds interesting! x
Karen Xavier said…
Laura, :)

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