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Stick to the elementary, dear Moffat and Gatiss...

The game kinda went off track in season 3 of Sherlock, don't you think? They focused so much on the relationship between characters there was no time to portray any real case, that's when Sherlock is in his element. I kinda felt lost and at times bored during this season, I couldn't believe what they had done to the Sherlock that set our screens and our minds ablaze with his brilliance and wit. The way he arrogantly went about solving cases and putting people in their places was astounding to say the least. The third season started off pretty well though with a James Bond-ish like opening scene in slow motion. That scene led to this conversation with the cousins on whatsapp:
Zak: Would you have liked Sherlock if it was played by Vijaykanth?
Jude: Molly would have jumped off the building if Vijaykanth had kissed her. 

So getting back to season three, I don't know why the creators and writers did such a shoddy job, they already had a formula that worked, I don't know why they had to tweak with it. There was so much of Mycroft and Mary Watson this season, I started missing Inspector Lestrade. And Molly slapping Sherlock, I don't think I liked that either... I mean Mycroft is the only one on this planet who can put Sherlock in his place.Which explains why I did not like Sherlock twisting his brothers' arm either, you don't do that to Mycroft, if Sherlock is to be revered, then Mycroft is one up on reverential scale... you just can't make him cower under his brother's drug induced behaviour. Anyway, what's done is done, hope they better their game and make season four all about Sherlock and his amazing powers of deduction. 

It was fun watching these episodes with Nam, the actors as usual have all done a great job, I felt a little bad for Benedict cause he was reduced to a caricature of his former self. But he was still potent enough in a few redeeming scenes to put me under a Benedict Cumberbatch induced high, which was further heightened on receiving a charming card from Shilpa in the mail. 
Cute greeting card... huh?

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Ganesh Puttu said…
ahhhh......another cumber-babe uh?....actually i would have to disagree with you on this post...i felt the makers had pushed the envelope further with this series...the last two season they were restricted to the limits of the original source material- the books of doyle- but this time they just let rip.....we got to see the real new age holmes who grapples with a higly connected society -much more than the 1880's of the books- we kinda live in does a sociopath not go a little mad with always on connectivity of facebook and twitter? besides the sensational crimes are not the regular murder and extortion nowadays are they? the big crimes involve code cracking and hacking and how can a normal (comparatively) detective who is not a computer whiz get around solving them? would love to discuss more on this with you
Sai Sriram said…
I actually liked this season just as much as the older seasons, agreed, there were flaws and too much of self indulgence, but as a Dr Who fan (also run by SteveMo), I have come to accept it as a part of his writing... But the finale was good enough and tied up stuff pretty nicely, in a very Moffat-y kind of way
Karen Xavier said…
Ganesh, I liked the introduction of the parents... but none of the cases seemed interesting enough to me. Half the time, I was wondering what the heck was going on...

Sriram, yeah , pretty good way to describe it - Moffaty, it did seem more quirky than usual. I've seen only a couple of episodes of Dr. Who, and that was only because I liked coupling and thought Dr. Who would be funny too.

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