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Avila and Fatima

The next day after an early breakfast we set out to visit Avila, which is about an hour's drive from Madrid.
A video of the landscape in Spain...
Here, we've just reached Avila... these Walls of Avila were completed between the 11th and 14th centuries and they are the city's defining image. We had a lovely guide, Maria, and she took us around this quaint city explaining about the fortress and the cathedrals.
Another video depicting the welcoming sounds of Avila... the constantly chirping birds over the walled city of Avila are quite captivating, they seem to beckon you in.
Avila's charm... 
The sun, spilling her beams... 

The church of St. Teresa of Avila
Inside the church, mass was just getting over...
The chapel dedicated to St. Teresa
The main square in Avila
So after checking out the church of St. Teresa and the museum where her finger is displayed, we started on our way to Fatima in Portugal which is about a five hour drive from Avila.

Stopped on the way to have a packed lunch of vegetable rice, puri, channa masala & yogurt... a panoramic view of the little roadside picnic. 
Reached the hotel in Fatima, a nice place
Our room at Lux Fatima Park
Dinner was soup, pork with potatoes and some custard... 
Mass was held in this ground opposite the hotel. The whole setting was beautiful... out in the open under the sky and trees, pretty much like how Jesus preached to His people.
I liked this rustic setting
First glimpse of the sanctuary at Fatima, this giant cross welcomes you
Fatima Santucary, this main shrine was closed due to renovation 
The 9:30pm candlelight rosary in front of the open chapel where Mother Mary appeared to three shepherd children...
The candlelight procession... and singing of Ave Maria (you can check out the instagram video)
Our Lady of Fatima on procession
What an experience... 
The candlelight recitation of the rosary in different languages is an experience that gets etched into your being. Everybody in the crowd lifts up their candles as the song Ave Maria is sung after every decade, and the beautiful singing along with the waving sea of candlelights fills you with a certain warmth and peace, it’s almost magical. Everybody was moved by this procession... we walked back slowly to our rooms, enchanted to be part of this beautiful day in Fatima. 

P.S: Thanks Uncle Mark Doyle and Joe Ben for your pictures used here without permission.


Haddock said…
Wonderful pictures.
Had been to this place three years ago. What a lovely place. Stayed with a friend at Al Adrada.
Haddock said…
Had been to Avila about 4 years ago.
What a wonderful place.
Nice pictures.
Jane Hamilton said…
Beautiful post. Even better pictures! Absolute pleasure to visit your blog, Karen! Say, what;s the story behind St. Teresa's finger being kept in the museum?

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