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Switzerland, June 2015 trip

So after seeing the Eiffel Tower in all its sparkling glory we returned exhausted to our hotel rooms, slept soundlessly for a few hours and the next morning we were on the road again to Switzerland. The drive was breathtaking as usual, the mountains and the beautiful fields, the horses and cows grazing away blissfully... it seems like an entire different lifetime, writing about it now, fifteen months after the trip. But I want to leave a record here, to look back years from now. So anyway, drove throughout the day and finally reached Giswil in Switzerland. Mass was held in a small room in the basement of The Grand Swiss Hotel, after which we ate some good Indian food. Half the people in the group stayed at this hotel, the other half had to drive further up the mountains to reach their quaint little cabins at Hotel Twing. Me and my friends were in the latter half, and this drive up the mountains was exhilarating, the snow capped mountain peaks gleamed and glinted as we wound our way up through the surreal darkness slowly descending around us. 
Here we finally reached hotel Twing nestled among the mountain peaks... a lovely place like a dream. Before settling in for the night, I spoke to Diana (the friendly owner of Twing) and enquired about any hidden spots nearby where we could soak in the beauty of the mountains and she told me about a staircase nearby that went up the mountains to a little lake. 
Our cosy little room... we fell into a deep sleep after the long drive.
Woke up quite early the next day and found this staircase leading up into the mountains...
Daisies brightening up the path
The charming little lake at the top

A barn...
The view from the top, it was nature at her finest with little streams flowing here and there... and only me and mom around.
Bunch of daisies
So after taking pictures and after having serious Maria moments, we made our way down to the hotel for breakfast.
This was our mountain breakfast, fruits from around the area... enchanting.
The decor at the dining room in Twing
After breakfast we started on our way to Mt. Titlis, and came across sights like this...
And this... I think angels descend every day to spruce up this part of the globe. 
So anyway, we took a cable car and reached Mt. Titlis, it was my first time seeing snow... It wasn't that cold either despite all this snow. 
I think fresh snow must be beautiful... this was more or less compressed ice, but the views were great. There were a bunch of teenagers, sliding down the snow with their jackets turned backwards... they would slide down the snowy hill with their jackets forming the smooth base. It looked like so much fun, so we (me and two other friends) decided to do that... we slid down the snow and it was quite a rush.
After all that craziness at the snow capped peaks, it was time for lunch and while we were waiting to be seated, this was the view outside...
The beautiful lake Trubsee and a friend seated there... Trubsee is a mountain lake that lies at the foot of the Titlis, and above the resort town of Engelberg, Switzerland.
Lake Trubsee
The mountains and fields of tiny yellow flowers near the lake...
After a nice time in the mountains we took the cable car down and started on our long drive to Turin in Italy. We reached quite late at 11pm and after 
a nice dinner of chicken and potato soup 
With wine, chicken breast, potatoes, peas and some 

pudding for dessert... 
 we were so tired, went straight to sleep in our room in Holiday Inn Express, Turin.


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