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Since the beginning of time battles have been waged and lives have been lost in the pursuit of fame, glory and power. And this hasn’t really changed much, the current crisis in the war-ravaged zones of Syria, Iraq and the like have all begun because of vested interests by the super powers in these oil rich lands. So while it may seem that these super powers are intent on destroying the radical groups which they inadvertently created by their (hardly justified) invasion, at the same time these terrorists are being funded behind the scenes by the same superpowers. It’s all a really complex and ugly reality that will continue to go on cause let’s face it, the world economy is ruled by a few corporate superpowers. They pull strings and run this big giant show on planet earth and we are just pawn pieces on their black and white chess board.

We can either be depressed and lose hope in everything, or we can learn to live in the moment, in the now. Cause that is the only way to live life in this complex world we inhabit. We might not be able to physically go to these war-ravaged zones and help the people there, but the least we can do is pray for them every single day. Pray for all the children displaced and orphaned by ongoing conflict; one can only imagine what horrors these innocent ones are paying for the greed of mankind. We are all connected, whether we believe it or not, our thoughts are powerful and one conscious act of goodwill or gesture will go a long way and create a ripple effect. We might not be able to stop these wars but we can spread positivity and good healing thoughts. We can raise the vibration of our surroundings by being aware and attentive to our fellow beings, by always trying to raise the level of our human experience to coincide with the divine plan for us.

I think this is what Jesus meant when He said, ‘I Am’. He was showing us a way to live, in the now, otherwise the futility of trying to make sense of our human existence would be too daunting. He also meant that we are all part of the living God, we all make up His divine form which is always there, I Am, existing in the now in each one of us. We have to strive more to listen to the divine presence in us, then collectively we will begin to manifest Him. Which is precisely what He meant by when two or three gather together in my name, I Am present… gather together and spread His love by thoughts, words and deeds; then the world will reinvent itself by the power of the Great I Am.

My article for the November edition of the church magazine...


Merlesworld said…
In some ways I agree there are captains of industry and finance behind most of the wars of this world, they care nothing for other people and are motivated by greed only .
Karen Xavier said…
Thank you for the comment, Merlesworld.

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