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Fêtes de Genève

I miss reading The Hindu here... I miss the smell of it. Waking up and not seeing the paper, not waiting to read it... feels strange. Anyway, the day after we landed it was pouring non-stop and we had to pick up some stuff from Ikea, so after the rains stopped we got ready and walked to the bus stop. 
Just a pretty scene on the way... our ticket taking skills were a bit rusty, but after a few minutes we figured out what to do. 
Here's the ticket dispensing machine, you have to select where you want to go, 
We selected the one hour pass (3 swiss francs/person) and dropped in six francs and out popped the ticket and we were good to go. It felt good taking bus no 23 after ages... me and Nam were all smiles as old memories kept popping by. Anyway, got off at Ikea, picked up our stuff then went to a Lebanese place, Parfums De Beyrouth, for dinner. 
Had the Turkish buttermilk... 
 Some hummus and kuboos with lamb.
 Some lamb dish (kefta kabab)... my brother had. 
I had some falafel roll.... 
The Notre Dame church at night... quite haunting.  
The next day we went out to get some work done then stopped at this Ramen place, Yukiguni for a typical Japanese lunch. 
This is what my brother had some pork and egg thing in a fish base soup.
This is what I had a vegetarian ramen in a citrus-y flvaoured broth with seawood on top. I'm not extremely fond of noodles, I liked the soup though with that distinct citrus flavour and with all the vegetables in it, the seaweed tasted great too. 
Then we walked a bit, the day was quite sunny and it felt good after the cold biting rain... 
Later in the evening we went out to watch pyrotechnics over the lake, the grand finale of Fêtes de Genève. and the whole place was packed with people. There were games, all types of scary rides, food stalls and lots of fireworks that went on for an hour. People were dancing on the roads, some groups were dancing in synchrony, spirits were high... and it smelt distinctly like Diwali. That's the jet of water you see in the distance...
This was an awesome chicken shawarma from one of the food stalls...  
This was a cheddar stuffed chapathi... after this we walked a while then came home and crashed, t'was a fun day. 


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