Monday, May 22, 2006

Life is good..... Love is enormous...

It always happens!!! When you least expect it, something happens that makes you see, what you have been staring at for so long, but still missing. I guess its because of the ripples... its hard to make out what's there. But once the ripples subside, things become clearer, on two planes. The bottom is now visible and we see the object that caused the disturbance. Looking a bit closer to the surface we see our reflection and know how the disturbance has changed us. Thank God life is not ripple free ....

Speaking of ripples that reminds me of this picture I saw at a factory in Bombay where I was undergoing my training in process control instrumentation. I was the only girl in the training batch of fifteen. So there we are standing near the control valves and checking out the huge machinery and instruments when this guy walks in, kinda old ... obviously in charge of that particular process. He starts showin us how the various paramters are controlled and measured ... we are eagerly listening and asking questions when he says "Baby, lift that lever". So I looked at him blankly and he starts pointing and says "that pressure lever there, turn it to the right baby." I could almost hear the guys falling over themselves with laughter. Turns out he really was a sweet guy, and he was concerned 'bout me, during the lunch break he asked me how I was going home and gave me directions on how to reach home safely. It was weird though being called baby like that, guess he calls every girl - baby. Anyway, am getting sidetracked ... by memories. Okay, 'bout the picture I saw at the factory: A brook trickling over rocks and boulders in its path through the woods. And this caption was beneath the picture .... In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength but through sheer perseverance. That kinda stuck on ...

Anyway, today as usual went walking in the colony with Cheryl and when we reached the park, it was empty ( I guess because of the 12th results, everybody was in major shock) so we sat on the swings. It felt nice... love the swings. After 10 minues this lady came with a bunch of kids, and we left reluctantly. Man! Whatever happened to family planning ....

And about the 12th results, that makes me laugh now. Its just the sheer happiness of being done with it! This place is crazy, the 12th students are crazy, their parents are crazy, the teachers are crazy, the tuition teachers are crazy, the education system is the craziest ... when you are in 12th everythin is just plain crazy! Cause nothin makes sense... the mindless studying till you feel your brains beginning to decompose, the endless hours spent travelling back and forth between home school and tuitions, the expectations of overzealous parents, the 'extra classes' in school, the school teachers not understanding that you have a test in tuition, and the tuition sirs not understanding that you have a test in school and nobody bothered 'bout anythin but a four figured total. The education system is so warped up here. One thing I really came to hate in the 12th standard, the alarm clock ... to hear that thing ringing so freakin loud EVERY mornin! Even now when we hear that sound, we (me and my sister) run at breakneck speed, to make it stop! Nameeta even suggested burying it in the backyard, but the parents weren't amused with the idea, so its just left standing there, but they have learnt not to use that to set the alarm.

Boy! Seems I was in a very writeative mood today.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some interesting folks .....

A few folks who have kept me busy these last few days ...

Missed that kid, so asked the nuns for his address and visited him at home. As usual he was up there on the window sill, twirling a twine & muching on chocolate. He has this thing for twines, rope, string, rubber band, thread, anything flexible, curly and long .... he keeps twirling that piece around and reducing it into many small twirly pieces.

Jeff Corwin
I like him ..... a lot. He's funny, witty and he is really passionate about his work. You can feel his love and admiration for the animals and his " The Jeff Corwin Show" is always exciting. He just knows so much about animals, every kind of creature ..... heck, he can look at a pile of dung, poke it around a bit and tell you which animal deposited it there!

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Now he is somebody ..... who introduced me to Transcendentalism. Yeah, I never knew that was a word too. What does it mean ..... it's deep stuff with the soul, the universe and cosmos and stuff like that.
Transcendentalism is the belief or doctrine asserting the existence of an ideal spiritual reality that transcends the empirical and scientific and is knowable through intuition.
The term transcendental came from the German Romantic philosopher Immanuel Kant. The word referred to the idea that matters of ultimate reality-- God, the cosmos, the self-- transcend, or go beyond, human experience.

That's me ... yeah I had to sort a lot of things in my head. It was hard work, cause my mind has a mind of its own. It tends to overlook logic and go with that fist sized blood pumping organ, and this can only mean danger. So I had to make my mind do what it was intended to do, think out things logically and reasonably .... it doesn't always work, but this time I was rather proud of the results, though I can tell its slowly waning ... but what matters is that I tried!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Get Real ....

Heard this country song today .....

A baby's born in the middle of the night in a local delivery room
They grab his feet smack him till he cries
He goes home the next afternoon
Before you know he's off to school and he graduates in May
Goes out and gets a Ph.D. and then cures all sorts of things
Wins a Nobel Prize and saves a million different lives
The world's a better place for all he's done
It's funny when you think about the reason he's alive
Its all because two people fell in love .......

Man! What a dumb song!!!
How long are they gonna keep churning out crap like this .....

FREAKING MESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know you have a lot of work to do, and you are just sitting there staring at it and can't get to it, you can't do anything about it, cause of these thoughts that keep hovering around inside your head!!!! They swirl, knock each other, create a mess inside ..... and they don't give a damn to REASON!!!!And the worst of the whole lot are the javelin thoughts! These thoughts keep piercing through the others and they keep impinging on the sides of your head, making your head feel like its gonna explode any minute.These javelin thoughts are the question thoughts, they have to know the answer at once or else they will just keep pounding away inside your head. Yeah like I can go around asking folks " Excuse me, my head is exploding, so could you please tell me why you are the way you are???"

Everythin is one big bowl of Avial .... I HATE avial!!!

And CHRIS???? seriously??? are they lacking a hemisphere? Whatever !!! (american idol)
Elvis saved the day though .... he still has it!

Ain't that sweet of him, Abhishek sent this elvis picture.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Yesterday all of us happened to meet online, anju, shil and me. And we weren't exactly in the best of moods ... we were all bugged with somethin or someone. Since we weren't exactly being rays of sunshine, anju said lets make up a story (each of us tells one line as the story progresses). And this is how it started ...
Anju : Once upon a time .... (yeah, anju is hopeful, she likes stories that start like that and end with happily ever after)
Shil : There was a handsome boy .... (and shil is a hopeless romantic! She's forever hooked on romantic stuff. Very soon she would have brought in a beautiful girl, and eventually love would follow along with babies!!!)
Me : Who was gay ... (I was in mood to listen to any romantic ... crap. Sorry shil! So I made the guy gay ....)
After that the story went downhill .... he eventually meets a penguin and the rest is not important. But since I screwed up the first attempt, I decided to try again .....
So we did try again and this is how the second rather inane story took off ...

Once upon a time there was a girl named Hay (shil insisted on it being only HAY and not Hayley. I bet its a name in some M&B that she is currently reading.) And her brother was named Fodder ( cause apparently he is elder to hay and 'old or dried up hay' is called fodder= food for farm animals). Anyway, these two get seperated , Hay grows up in her home town and takes care of the barn animals (especially cows, you will know the significance later on). While Fodder grows up in a rich tycoon's house, and becomes a famous comic book author of "Fodder the Super Horse". Meanwhile Hay goes into town one day and comes across this comic book in the store, but she has no money to buy it so she takes on a job at the store and reads in her spare time. But due to unfortunate circumstances, she gets fired just before reading the last chapter!

Apparently the last chapter contained some hidden code. So Hay being 'very smart' snatched the book and ran down the street. She falls into the ditch and before the book is destroyed by the swirling filth in the ditch she quickly reads the code : Moooo Moooo. Then she realises her calling in life ... she is actually "Super Cow!!! " Armed with super cow powers she enters the town nearby which is being attacked by an enormously huge evil penguin (somehow penguins seemed to be the theme that evening). As I said Hay being 'smart', starts shooting the penguin with milk pellets.The penguin eats the pellets and gains more strength. Hay is now terrified, but then something is seen appearing from the distance ...and what do you know, it's Fodder the Super Horse (yeah, fodder actually has super powers too!!! apparently it is revealed only in dire circumstances.) So Fodder arrives and saves the day, by slaying the huge penguin. And then they use the penguins hide as the Zebra crossing in town ( I am guessing the town was very colourful, all bright vivid colours ... but devoid of the two most basic colours black or white. So the penguin couldn't stand it and decided to wage a war against colour discrimination).

Anyway, it is later revealed that Hay gets the mad cow disease, from the evil penguin who had bird flu! And even worse we later discover that hay is now pregnant (I assume somehow during the fight with the milk pellets, she accidently gets inseminated by the penguin ... no idea how, but she must have employed the wrong orifice) with somethin that is half penguin and half cow! The half cow/penguin offspring Haylay, grows up to be a Super Somethin that saves the world from bird flu and mad cow disease.

Well, we may never be perfect candidates for "Whose Line is it Anyway" ... but it sure took our mind off stuff ...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whatever .......

Frankly I don't give a DAMN anymore!!!

It is a question of cubic capacity. A man with so large a brain must have something in it.
-Sherlock Holmes.

Well, it's not the calm waters but the turbulent seas that give life its Zest .....
and thanks to the people (who I hardly know, people I don't know and wouldn't really care to know) life sure is rather .......... zestful ;-)