Thursday, October 18, 2012

A tag which invariably ends with music...

So I've been tagged by Mahesh and I'm not sure I'll pick the right answer to all the questions posed in the tag... let's see how it goes. Mahesh is a friend from work, I did not really get to know him until we played the secret Santa game at work. He was my secret Santa, and an incredibly charming one at that. We got to know each other and it turns out, he blogs too... that kinda cemented our friendship. He is an avid movie watcher and reviews all sorts of movies in his blog regularly. He loves to read too, and keeps us updated bout book fairs in the city. He is like a perennial ray of sunshine, no matter what life deals him... he always seems to have a sunny disposition. That is something I am still learning to acquire. And to top it all, he effortlessly weaves words to create really good poems. He has some major poetry writing skills and his poems are a joy to read... he wears his heart on his sleeve and he harbours a good soul, I'm glad he got to pick my name one December morning.

So getting started on the tag, I have to give you all links to 

My most beautiful post : I know it probably means quality wise, but I'll give you the most visually beautiful post. It has to be this, click on the first picture for a larger view. That is currently my mobile phone screen saver too... somehow the picture fills me with a sense of peace.

My most popular post : This is easy, it is the only post with the most number of views. I wrote bout Taylor Swift's album a few years back and now that she's a huge phenomenon, the views keep increasing. But I don't like her much these days, she has gone over to the other side... can't stand her recent songs. I liked her when she was the normal curly haired girl with a guitar who sang bout Tim Mcgraw, teardrops on my guitar and love story.

My most helpful post : Has to be the few recipes I put up, especially the beef one. And of course these recipes are helpful to me too... I only put up tried and tested recipes of what I like, so whenever I want to cook something specific I just search for it on my blog. 

My most controversial post : Only with a lot of readers will controversy arise, with the handful that (are forced to/willingly) read my blog... you can't really except controversy. But I'll give you a post bout my thoughts on the nuclear power projects that is indeed creating a great controversy in this state and ultimately in the world too. 

A post whose success surprised you : This I really don't know, I don't expect much when I post something. If I had to guess, I would say the review of Lee Brice's recent album, Hard to Love. When Lee Brice himself (or the people that manage his Facebook page) posted the link to my blog on his Facebook, I did receive comments from many Lee Brice fans. 

A post that didn't receive the attention it deserved : None of my posts receive the attention they deserve... but if I have to pick one, I'd probably say my recent post, cause I wrote a poem in it and nobody really saw it. I mean they saw it but they never really got that I wrote it... tends to happen when I talk too much bout country music, people tend to just graze over the surface. It's partly my fault too, I can't stop writing bout country music.... and most people I know don't really care for country music, which I find rather baffling. So anyway, now that you know, go read my poem.

A post which you are most proud of : Not proud of as in 'yeah great job' kinda way, but proud in the sense that I  put into words what I was feeling

So that's it, I now have to tag five other people... but seeing that many people I know don't write a blog, I would like my readers to play this game. You can make a note of the answers and email them to me and I shall post them on my blog. It will give me a chance to explore new music... so Jude, Sajeeve, Megha, Candice, Carol, Shilpa, Mahesh and anybody else who wants to share their taste in music, please join in.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Angels and country songs...

Angel in  my dreams

Leaping from her heavenly realm
She jumped straight into my sleepless dream
My heart spun cartwheels at her angelic grin
Her prodding gaze reigned me in

The glow on her beautiful face, beckoning
Peace so pure, descending
Shrouded in a haze of warm sunshine
She filled the recesses of my mind

Tried to reach her, to make her real
She spun around and took off... surreal
Like a mermaid slicing through the midnight sky
Disappearing slowly as she broke my reverie 

A recent dream about an angel prompted this poem. No, I am not psychic like Patrick Jane, just insanely obsessed with Country songs. Which explains why I sometimes feel like I am in Jasper County, enjoying the Georgia rain (I think its one of the best music videos ever made). Or why I feel like making angels in the snow in Jackson Hole (one of Tim McGraw's cutest songs). Let's not get started on Heaven by Jake Owen. So anyway, was listening to Angels Among Us by Alabama, and when one of them popped into my dreams I wrote this poem.

I first heard 'Angels Among Us' way long back (it was during the cassette phase), blaring from a car and when I asked the guy who was sitting inside if it was Alabama, he said he had no idea. I said  it's a beautiful song, and it really was... I still remember that moment, walking in my colony and suddenly hearing this beautiful song about angels. I made a mental note to ask my brother Manoj bout it, he is also a country music aficionado. So anyway, I continued walking when the guy called me back, removed the cassette from his player and handed it over to me. I really wanted to take it, but I declined politely... he then started insisting and I finally took it. It was like proof, that angels do exist among us... he was the angel who gave me a beautiful Alabama cassette. 

This is Alabama, one of the best country bands ever... 
Sigh, and this is Jake Owen... one of the cutest country singers today.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

And my trip to Wayanad continues...

So after our first few hours in the resort, we set off to explore Wayanad and sights like these 

were quite common on our drives through this little green paradise. Our first stop was a local outdoors restaurant where the guys gorged on beef masala and Kerala parotta, needless to say they were in gastronomic heaven. That being taken care off, we started on our way to
Banasura dam, which is apparently the second largest earth dam in Asia. Yeah, I know... it's not much to look at, but the cool breeze which comes in from the
lake on the other side is refreshing and worth the drive to this place. 
We then visited the Meenmutty falls, which is a ten minute trek from the main road. A group of college kids were frolicking around when we got there. 
The place is beautiful, water gushing over huge boulders and flowing 
gently down stream. We dangled our feet in the cold clean water and whiled away the time till dusk slowly crept in on us. We trudged back to the main road, content and exhausted after a long day of travelling and sightseeing. The resort had prepared a fabulous dinner (they had enquired about the kind of food we liked) and after having our fill we walked back up the beautiful path to our cottages, and lulled by the distant roar of the waterfalls cascading down the valleys we fell into a deep peaceful slumber.
Woke up quite early the next day to attend Sunday mass, and this was the view that greeted me as soon as I opened my door. The misty valleys shrouded in mist... a beautiful sight.
Another view of the waterfalls cascading down the valleys...

Got ready and started on our drive to the church...
Hardly an vehicles or visibility for that matter... 
Mist had gently taken hold of the whole place and created an enchanting effect.
The pink church, St. Joseph's Shrine, where we attended a beautiful Malayalam mass.
Somehow it all felt right to come in here and thank the Creator for the gift of being alive...