Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Harvey Specter Effect...

So I started watching 'Suits' and since then it has been like falling down a ravine to limitless depths. Yeah, that's how it was with Bobby Donnell and now its Harvey Specter, luckily Meredith ruined the whole Dr. Derek Shepherd experience for me (I couldn't figure out what he saw in her) and I didn't have it this bad for him. Anyway, Suits is a pretty cool show, its a legal drama series based in a high end firm where power struggles between partners also come into play. 
Harvey Specter is the incredibly handsome, atrociously witty and roguishly charming attorney who is the quintessential male. He hires Mike Ross as his associate who has a photographic memory and can remember anything he has read once, but the only problem is Mike didn't go to Harvard and he doesn't have a license to practice law. While running away from the cops during a drug deal, Mike gets into the hotel where the law interviews are being held and Harvey, fascinated by this boy wonder, hires him on the spot. That's where the fun starts... these two form quite a pair and the banter that ensues is sometimes way too hilarious. Anyway, here's a little poem I came up with while waiting at the hospital...

As I sit here yet again
Counting the minutes and the pain
Month after month passes in vain
And I slowly go insane

Like a spark of fire he came
And slowly blew my mind with his game
Razor sharp wit and perfectly gelled mane
Harvey Specter is this senior partner's name.

And this has been my habit, since I can remember
Falling for characters, a love that will last forever
From Prince Eric to Arutha to Rhett Butler,
Bobby Donnell to Sherlock & now Harvey Specter.
Here he is, Harvey Specter... he reminds me of  Marlon Brando and Paul Newman. Gabriel Macht is mindblowingly awesome as Harvey, and Patrick J Adams fits right in as the street-smart rookie under his wing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amour? A Review...

So I saw Amour recently (a French movie that has been nominated for the upcoming Oscars in many categories) and I was thoroughly disappointed and a tad bit depressed by the movie. I can't understand  how this movie is winning praise, acclaim and awards when it clearly takes all your patience and resolve to sit through it. Reading bout the story, I thought it would be a nice heartwarming movie about an old couple battling the rigours of old age. Instead the movie is too slow, and there are instances when the camera hardly moves from a scene even after there is nothing left to see there. If you want to avoid spoilers, read no further.

An old man, takes care of his wife who suffers a stroke and it's not an easy job caring for an invalid. But with the help of a nursing aide, the old man gets along fine... the daughter visits from time to time, but the old couple do not like to depend on her. I found this whole situation weird, the parents and the daughter treat each other like acquaintances ... not like family. She visits, the dad makes her tea, she enquires about mom, cries a bit and then goes home. That was the first depressing part - you don't just drop by, talk about what is going on and then leave. Then the next agonizing part is when the woman cries out that she is pain, and the old man goes to her side, takes her hand and tells her a story. So there she is, an invalid in bed with her husband watching over her, when he suddenly leans over takes the pillow and smothers her with it. All the mundane activity that precedes this, bores you senseless and to suddenly come across this atrocious act, I was like 'what the heck!' 

So she dies and he dresses her up in a pretty black dress and places flowers round her body. The old man, after decorating her corpse wanders out of the apartment and that was baffling, I don't know what happens to him or where he goes, but that's the last the viewers see of him. A few days later, firemen break into the apartment and take down the door to find the wife's body adorned with flowers. Now you tell me, is this a depressing movie or what... this director should stop making movies. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

(Ghai Matha) Mother Cow: A Poem

So there is a contest going on at The Chennai Bloggers Club, to write a post based on the picture depicted below. I tried my hand at penning down a poem... let me know what you think?

Ghai Matha 

Sleepy eyes still holding on to that dream
Where life is fair and all people are equal
Where kids can be kids, and no one is cruel
Sleep tight, precious gems in Gods realm.

I trod on gently, unmindful of the imperious horns
So as not to jolt them from their slumber
One little kid is up, clad in his resilient armour
Stance shows he's ready to battle, the incoming morn.

Another silent sentinel is happy to be on this ride
A funny little mutt, who spreads happiness with every stride
As for me, I just watch out for my rambunctious cargo
Cause they make my journey worthwhile.

CBC is an eclectic group of bloggers from Chennai who meet up often and stay connected through a CBC Facebook group. Lots of bloggers with different talents and background, gel well together under this ever growing group. This contest is sponsored by Cuponation, an entity that works relentlessly to provide its users the latest and most lucrative deals offering huge discounts from leading brands and retailers. So the next time you plan to buy something, do check out their website. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Home away from home... Chennai a.k.a Madras.

I came to Madras five years back, and I won't say I love it or like it here... but I do get along with this place. When one comes from a pristinely beautiful place like this...
  (click on the pictures for a larger view)
it's kinda hard settling down in a bustling chaotic metropolitan city like this... 
I think this picture perfectly depicts the essence of any metropolitan city. We are a beautiful race steeped in religion but our aesthetic sense is totally off the charts. 
Anyway, my favourite place in Madras is this church, St.Theresa of Avila Church, Nungambakkam.
Its the most beautiful place I know in this city. The Sunday evening mass here is something I wait for every week... to me, this church has become synonymous with Madras. Whenever folks from out of town visit me, I always take them here first and then we hit the malls. Chennai has quite a collection of malls, and they make great hangout places. 
You know how they say that you become like a kanju karvadu when you come to Madras, nothing could be truer than this. I mean while drying clothes outside during summer (which is more or less throughout the year), the minute you pin it up and turn your back, the cloth is already dried to a crisp. No, am not kidding... it does get that hot here, your brains tend to scramble. All this heat does have some benefit though,  I kinda like the way my clothes smell like warm sunshine after soaking in all that gorgeous golden blinding sunlight. And the rising mercury is also a blessing in disguise, makes it difficult for diseases to spread and propagate.
An exasperating aspect of this city, is the traffic... vehicles operate on some high end vendetta against each other. The auto rickshaw drivers especially belong to some secret Schumacher clan, they are a funny bunch though... the auto seems like an extension of their human form, the way they weave in and out of traffic is incredible to say the least. All this being said, I actually prefer auto's while travelling, they know a myriad of routes and they drive like they own the road, insults and death stares are like water of a duck's back to them. Even though their fares are atrocious, a few 'Anna's' thrown in during conversation, can work wonders. 
I do wish our government paid more attention to the plight that besieges the common man though. When  it rains, its like a cesspool here... and that's when I can't stand this city. I love the rains in my hometown, the whole place smells beautiful like the earth has just awoken from a refreshing slumber and to see the rain water tumbling and sparkling as it flows down the street is a delight... its the stuff of children's dreams. Here the disgusting black foul water swallows kids whole... through open drainage vents. Seriously, it's like our very own Azkaban when it rains... the stench and the black swirling waters is enough to quench anyone's happiness. 
The people here are generally nice, more laid back and less fake. In Bombay, the perfectly made up teenagers could give anyone a complex. Thankfully here the teenagers still have double braided hair and plain simple faces, just like I did ages ago... it's nice to know somethings never change. Another thing specific to Madras that I really like is The Hindu newspaper with all its various supplementary papers... it's almost a tradition to finish the morning chores quickly and then settle down in a quiet corner to peruse The Hindu, hoping no one disturbs you till you are done with it. 
I have skipped out the obvious little things like the best breakfast in the world (idlis), the kolam, the jasmine flowers that adorn thick black tresses, the elegant pattu sarees and the penchant for gold ornaments cause these form part of the Tamilian way of life... irrespective of place. I think this city has its heart in the right place, and it is without a doubt the best city in India in many ways... 

This post is part of a blog tag initiated by the Chennai Bloggers Club, a bunch of bloggers from Chennai who meet up often and stay connected through the CBC Facebook group. Around thirty to forty bloggers are taking part in this tag and it's been fun reading a new post each day bout 'What Chennai means to me'. This tag was passed on to me by a passionate new-born blogger, Kalyani Ram, and I am passing on the tag to my friend Mahesh Ramani, a poet, cineaste, bibliophile and a die-hard romantic. Do check out their blogs too....

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Dawn of a New Year 2013

So it's the dawn of another year, just returned from a really nice mass at Lourdes Church, where the priest gave a sermon using power point presentation. Needless to say, we all stayed awake... 
Anyway, here are a few images from the past few days...
 My house lit up for the holidays...
My room... 
Snowflakes on my window...
Christmas tree at a mall (citi centre) in Madras...
A Christmas star and a decorative kolam... at a neighbour's place.
My twin brother's Superman / James Bond themed birthday cake.... 
And this was taken just a few minutes ago (again at a neighbour's place)

And with that I'll leave you with a Blessing for the New Year...
Lord as a new year begins, we come to You and ask for Your blessings. We pray that You would give us joy to fill our days, peace to fill our heart, and love to fill our lives. Thanking God for you and praying your new year is blessed in every way. 

Happy New Year Everybody... May our days be blessed with hope, joy, peace and love.